Picture of Kristen Stephen in Alpine Botanicals Greenhouse

Helping people reconnect with themselves is my passion.

When most people think of bodywork, or any kind of body-centered therapeutic intervention, they often only think of the physical aspects of the work, and only imagine physical outcomes from that work.

For me, however, the physical changes, although beneficial, were only a small outcome from receiving this more integrative approach to manual therapy (The ten session series).

My body had been tightly holding on to emotional wounds from my past, and because of this physical closing off, and disconnection from myself, I had a hard time vocalizing, or even being aware of how I truly felt and why.

I made some progress with talk therapy and other interventions before receiving integrative manual therapy, however, most of my release and realizations came after I began opening my body (This work goes extremely well with other interventions).

This wasn’t my primary intention in receiving the work. I knew there was an emotional component involved, which excited

me, but I didn’t realize how important that would be for me.

Opening up my body helped me to connect more strongly with my internal sensations and emotions and helped me to process and integrate my past emotional wounds.

The ten series didn’t “fix” or “heal” every aspect of my life - no single modality has the ability to do that - but it was a very profound intervention that helped to accelerate my personal growth and healing.

I believe as long as we’re on this earth, we will always be growing and healing aspects of ourselves, whether they be physical, mental or emotional - living isn’t all sunshine and roses, and we’re not always in the perfect mindset to be able to healthily process and handle everything that comes our way.

Everyone needs a partner in health every once-in-while, to get themselves through the tough times, and it’s my passion in life to make myself available to be one of those partners.


December 2016: Graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder Colorado

June 2005: Graduated from the University of California, San Diego | B.A., International Studies and Sociology