Manual Therapist, Kristen Stephen, working on client

Mini Sessions:

Are you needing a little stress and tension relief after a long work week? Do you not have the time to commit to a full bodywork session? If so, stop by for a mini integrative manual therapy session. Click here to see where Iā€™m working next.


$7 - 5 minutes

$13 - 10 minutes

$18 - 15 minutes

$25 - 20 minutes

$38 - 30 minutes

If you'd like to schedule a full private session, I have two options:

$75 - 1 hour

$110 - 90 minutes

For further information on full private sessions, click here.

What to expect during a mini session:

These sessions are performed fully clothed, so make sure and wear something comfortable. If you would like any work on your hips, glutes or legs, it's best if you wear pants or shorts that would be easy to work through - i.e. yoga/workout pants, sweats, etc.

Unlike massage, I do not use any lotion, and I apply slow, sustained, comfortable pressure in order to relax your nervous system and release tension in your body. 

If you have any questions about my work, feel free to send me an email at, or give me a call at (303) 656-9792.

Looking forward to meeting you!