Kristen Stephen working on client

Integrative Manual Therapy Ten Session Series:

The ten session series works the entire body through ten individual sessions.

Below I've briefly described the territory covered and physical goals from each session.

Session 1| Opening up the breath: 

The focus of session one is opening up the breath, mainly focusing on the torso and freeing the shoulder girdle from the ribcage; however, the work also extends down the IT band and to the hamstrings. 

Session 2 | Base of support:

The second session helps give the body a stable foundation by balancing the feet and muscles of the lower leg. 

Session 3 | Lengthening the side body:

In the third session, the side body is the focus. The goal is to open up and lengthen the sides of the body, with further work on the shoulder girdle, rib cage and hips.

Session 4 | Central support:

The focus of the fourth session is working the inside of the legs from the ankles all the way to the pelvis. This allows clients to drop into their pelvis and find a more central line of structural support.

Session 5 | Abdomen and psoas:

Session five opens up the abdomen, quads and touches on the psoas, helping to open up the front of the body.

Session 6 | Back body:

Session six addresses the entire back body, starting at the calves, hamstrings, hips and all the way up the back.

Session 7 | Head and neck:

The focus of session seven is on the neck and head - which includes facial work.

Session 8 & 9 | Integration of upper and lower:

These two sessions aim to balance both the upper and lower "girdles" (pelvic and shoulder girdles) and limbs.

Session 10 | Completion:

Session ten covers the entire body. Its intention is to integrate all of the work accomplished in the previous nine sessions.